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What is Theragun Therapy?

Theragun Therapy offers a premium, commercial-grade deep muscle treatment combined with a personalized massage experience, aimed at reducing muscle soreness, enhancing mobility, and promoting relaxation. Our state-of-the-art wellness technology facilitates faster recovery compared to other devices currently available on the market. The Theragun device resembles a power drill and uses percussive massage therapy to alleviate muscle soreness and pain. It has gained popularity and proven effectiveness among a wide range of users, from professional athletes to recreational enthusiasts.


The Theragun was initially developed by Dr. Jason, a chiropractor, following a personal injury. His goal was to find a way to expedite his recovery between regular treatments. Although early versions of the Theragun were rudimentary, numerous iterations have led to the creation of the latest Theragun PRO model, used at SKIN CARE EMPIRE.


Scientifically calibrated to penetrate muscle tissue 60% deeper than average massagers, the Theragun PRO delivers therapeutic benefits to the body at a rate of 40 times per second. This device utilizes a combination of amplitude, frequency, and torque to effectively communicate with the nervous system, resulting in superior percussive therapy during customized massage sessions.

Benefits of Theragun Therapy:

  • Reduces pain

  • Releases muscle spasms

  • Increases lymphatic flow

  • Improves body awareness

  • Makes recovery more efficient and effective

  • Relieves stress and relaxes the body by releasing tension and fluid deep in the muscles to increase tissue metabolism

  • Increases blood and lymphatic circulation, which allow more oxygen and nutrients to reach the muscles.

  • Encourages healing of atrophied muscles by “waking them up” to allow for faster healing with increased flexibility

  • Releases lactic acid build up in the body, often a result of intense exercise

  • Stimulates nerve receptors, which cause vasodilation in the skin and muscles to improve mobility

  • Breaks up scar tissue by deeply massaging collagen fibers to alleviate pain and relieve constriction

  • Enhances the range of motion by creating more flexible joints and reducing the risk of strains and sprains

  • Improves overall wellness

  • Regular use of a Theragun can improve sleep and immunity, as well as reduce anxiety

The difference between Theragun Therapy and traditional massage (hands on):


Theragun Therapy differs from traditional massage techniques by desensitizing the surrounding areas of sore muscles through gradual shock therapy until the target area is penetrated. This allows for targeted relief without the discomfort often associated with traditional massage methods. The Theragun PRO at SKIN CARE EMPIRE serves as a valuable tool in improving clients' health and wellness, offering professional-grade percussive therapy to alleviate pain, enhance mobility, and optimize performance, ultimately empowering clients to lead a life in motion.

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