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Review pricing for all available services. Questions? Schedule your Consultation appointment to find out the best treatment options tailored specifically to you.

CONSULTATION - 30 minutes               $50
(must be paid within 2 hours through Square Appointments for the consultation to be scheduled)

Cosmetic Injectables: 


(neurotoxin / botulinum toxin)

BOTOX, JEUVEAU, XEOMIN   starts at  $10/unit

Dermal Fillers:                      starts at $550



PDO Threads:                        starts at $400

V Soft Lift​

Mesotherapy / Blanching:   starts at $400   


Fat dissolver:                        starts at $550



BOTOX Facial                         starts at  $500
BB Glow Facial                      starts at  $300
MicroSculpt                                            $700

Skin Booster                             

- skin rejuvenation                                $300
- skin brightening                                  $300

Hair Restoration                    starts at  $275

30min signature                                    $199

45min deluxe
- restorative                                           $295   
- radiance                                               $250
- age-refinement                                   $250
- clarifying                                              $225

60min platinum                                     $325

signature body treatments 
- neck and décolleté                              $129 (add-on $95)
- hands                                                    $59   (add-on $40)
- arms                                                     $199 (add-on $125)
- back signature                                     $250 (add-on $215)
- back clarifying                                     $295 (add-on $260)

lymphatic therapy
- facial                                                     $120 (add-on $75)
- arm                                                       $65   (add-on $40)
- abdomen                                              $75   (add-on $50)
- leg                                                         $65   (add-on $40)
- back                                                      $75   (add-on $50)


*add-on - an addition of a treatment to another treatment

Carboxy Therapy:    
hands                                                       $75
neck                                                         $75
face                                                          $100
body - consultation required

LED Light Therapy                                  $50

Jet Plasma:
(cold plasma / ozone therapy)

single session                                          $270
package of 3                                             $750
package of 5                                             $1,250
package of 8                                             $1,800

Plasma Skin Tightening
forehead                                                   $700
forehead lines                                          $500

frown lines                                               $300
(glabellar lines)

brow lift                                                    $600
eyelid lift                                                   $800
under eye                                                 $650

eyelid lift and under eye                         $1,300
(done at 2 separate appointments)

crow's feet                                                $400-$500
nose                                                           $700
bunny lines                                               $100
(nose top wrinkles)

cheek lift                                                   $1,200
above lip                                                   $400
below lip                                                   $400
above and below lip                                $700-$800
the lip flip                                                 $400

smile lines                                                $400
(nasolabial lines)

jowls                                                          $1,200
neck lift                                                     $1,500
full stomach                                             $1,500-$1,800
belly button                                              $800
upper arms                                              $1,200-$1,500
inner thighs                                              $1,500-$1,800
knees                                                        $700

mini face lift                                             $500
(wrinkles by the ears)

full face lift                                               $2,300-$2,500
(done in 2-3 appointments spaced at 2-3 weeks apart)

skin tags/stretch marks/scars/acne scarring - consultation required

Facial Contouring:                                 
(ultrasonic cavitation + red LED Light Therapy)


single session                                          $350
package of 5                                            $1,35

Theragun Therapy

full body massage                                   $100/hour 



Referrals                                             20% OFF next treatment

Review post on Google                      20% OFF next treatment

*All discounts MUST be used separately

(one per day; specials/promotions included)


GIFT VOUCHERS are available

(must be prepaid)

Additional Information and Disclaimers


Booking, Rescheduling, and Cancellation Policy


  • 50% Deposit required to book appointment. Must be paid in full within 2 hours

  • Cancellations are allowed as long as you notify SKIN CARE EMPIRE more than 48 hours before your appointment. After that, your deposit is non-refundable

  • Rescheduling is allowed as long as you contact SKIN CARE EMPIRE more than 48 hours before your appointment (your deposit will apply to your next appointment)

  • Late Policy: Arriving up to 15 minutes late is allowed. If you are more than 15 minutes late, your appointment will be canceled, deposit forfeited, and you’ll need to book a new appointment. IT IS YOUR RESPONSIBILITY TO BE ON TIME

  • No shows for appointment results in cancelation (deposit forfeited, booking new appointment allowed)

  • Consultation fee must be paid in full within 2 hours for appointment to be scheduled 

  • Consent forms must be signed upon arrival


MedSpa Policy


  • Client MUST be in good health condition to proceed with desired treatment


  • Service prices are subject to change at any time

  • SKIN CARE EMPIRE reserves the right to refuse service

  • SKIN CARE EMPIRE does not perform service on minors

  • No children or pets are allowed at the time of appointment (this is to keep the MedSpa quarters in sterile condition and distraction-free for procedures)


Important Procedure Information for All Clients


  • No alcohol consumption 24 hours before ANY TREATMENT

  • All makeup must be removed prior to any treatment (if facial/neck area is to be treated) 

  • No procedures allowed on clients currently pregnant, nursing, with a pacemaker or experiencing cold sore outbreak (Herpes Simplex Virus) 

  • Clients prone to cold sore outbreak (Herpes Simplex Virus) should obtain prescription medication, start medicating 3 days before desired treatment and continue medication intake for next 4 days after the procedure (only if treatment is to be done on/around lips) 

  • No procedures allowed on clients with current cold/flu/COVID-19, severe healing disorders, lymphatic draining issues 

  • Clients with a sunburn/suntan must wait 2 weeks (or until tan/burn signs disappear) before receiving treatment 

  • Skin healing time may vary due to age/genetics/ethnicity/current health condition/medications/lifestyle 


Important Information for Plasma Skin Tightening Clients


  • No BOTOX injections 2 weeks prior to Plasma Skin Tightening treatment

  • No BOTOX injections allowed for 8 weeks after Plasma Skin Tightening treatment 

  • Discontinue use of any AHA skincare products for 2-4 weeks from the day of Plasma Skin Tightening treatment 

  • Discontinue use of any brightening serums for 4 weeks from the day of Plasma Skin Tightening treatment 

  • Discontinue use of Retin A for 8 weeks from the day of Plasma Skin Tightening treatment 

  • Eyelash extensions must be removed prior to upper eyelid Plasma Skin Tightening treatment (they can be reapplied after carbon dots fall off and skin is healed, approximately 7-10 days after the treatment)

  • Contact lenses must be removed right before Plasma Skin Tightening treatment (upper eyelid treatment) 

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