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Facial Contouring, also known as ultrasonic cavitation or ultrasonic lipolysis, is a non-invasive treatment designed to sculpt the face by targeting stubborn fat deposits, particularly in the double chin area. This procedure offers a safer alternative to surgical options such as submental liposuction, often referred to as "chin lipo". Utilizing ultrasound technology, Facial Contouring employs ultrasonic radio waves to disrupt fat cells in the deeper layers of the skin, inducing a vibrational effect that breaks down fat cells. As a result, the liquefied fat cells separate from each other and are expelled from the body via the lymphatic system as waste.


Ultrasonic cavitation is specifically intended to target localized areas of fat and refine facial contours. To enhance results, the treatment is often complemented with non-invasive red LED Light Therapy, which emits low-level wavelengths to promote cellular repair and skin firming.


Facial Contouring is suitable for individuals seeking to tone and shape their lower face and neck, tighten loose skin, and eliminate stubborn fat tissue.

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